Meet some of our legendary team

We believe that the core of our business is our people. We encourage a tenacious, collaborative and fun working environment and foster a culture of innovation and positivity. We celebrate success, we look after each other and we thrive on delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Dan Hawley

Managing Director

Dan is our esteemed MD. He has four kids, loves travelling, golf and pub crawls. He is always making people laugh and has an infectious humour. You wouldn't know it looking at his photo, or any other photo of Dan. One day we'll catch him smiling and not looking like a convict.

Chris Belcher

Creative Director

With 25 years in the game creating and delivering awesome branded environments and retail experiences across a plethora of sectors, Chris has found time to become a dad to three surly teenagers and a mad Greek dog. In between scribbling with his favourite rotring pencil and swearing more than most he can usually be found by a muddy lake or river bank trying to catch oversized fish.

Katie Baker

Strategy Director

Katie joined PLB in May 2020, following 6 years at Samsung. Katie loves all things outdoors and is a keen surfer, open water swimmer and runner. She is Mum to a little girl called Hope and can’t boil an egg.

Simon Lee

Production Director

Simon has been at PLB for 27 years. He loves a holiday, fancy dress, cycling, beer and has been known to wear heels in his spare time. Simon's nickname is Panda (for reasons he has never divulged).

Duncan Carter

Sales Director

Highly experienced in the retail and POS display design business, having worked in the industry for around 14 years – Duncan joined us on 4th Jan 2022. He has been married for 21 years, has 3 children - 19 year old twins girls and a 12 year old son. He loves to travel in his campervan all over Europe, is a retired semi pro rugby player and is passionate about being outdoors – resulting in his nickname Forest Dunc!

Clifford Irving

Production Manager

Clifford actually started working with PLB in 1987!! and then became a permanent member of the team 14 years ago. CJ as he is affectionately known, loves clubbing, the Greek islands and is an exceptional photographer.

Hajirah Zaib

Brand Project Co-ordinator

Hajirah is a recent law graduate who joined PLB at the beginning of 2022. She has great retail experience and is super creative both in and out of work. Hajirah loves all things beauty and travel and is looking forward to ticking off more and more locations from her bucket list.

Dakota Crook

Account Director

Dakota has worked with PLB since 2016 and previously worked in the PR industry. Dakota loves sunshine, holidays and the seaside.

Connor Whitmore

Production and Assembly Technician

Connor came to PLB for his first ever job and has been with us ever since! He has two daughters and a dog, and loves Drumstick Squashies and chicken – although not usually at the same time.

Ben Jones

Senior Designer

Ben has worked with PLB for since 2013, and came from the design industry. He is a keen runner and cyclist and loves the pub. After studying 3D design at university, he moved into graphic design, but now tends to work on the creative parts of PLB design projects whilst supporting the studio in all aspects of design. He bought his cottage locally a few years ago and has been doing it up ever since without a great deal of success. It seems his DIY skills aren’t as good as his design skills.

Lauren Forte

Account Manager

Lauren is fairly new to the team, working with PLB for nearly a year. She joined us in November 2019 to cover Mel’s maternity leave. Lauren is permanently cold, drinks too much coffee and hates spiders.

Andy Wright

Sales & Account Director

Andy has worked at PLB since 2016, previously working in the IT industry. Andy has a passion for technology and innovation and is always keen to bring something new to our clients. In his spare time, he plays squash and the occasional rugby match, but more often or not can be found on the touchline watching his 2 boys play on a Sunday morning.

Bex Mount

Installation & Maintenance Manager

Bex has worked for PLB since 2017 and has vast experience of managing an office efficiently. She has a passion for music and loves djing with her son in her spare time.

Daniel Irving

Production Prototyping

Daniel can only be described as an inventor! Incredibly creative, he invents and builds things in his spare time, as well as at work. He has two children and has been with PLB for 5 years.

Dorian Leucea

Production and Assembly Technician

Dorian officially joined PLB in August 2021I, after working previously as a contractor. He loves project work, has already won over one of our most loved clients and really rolls his sleeves up and gets stuck in with anything that needs doing. He loves history and travel and makes the most incredible Romanian food!.

Jenna Spearing

Account Director

Jenna has two beautiful children, has a passion for cooking & growing veggies and loves to go camping. She has worked at PLB since 2017, joining us after 15 years of working with magazines.

Mike Galloway

Financial Controller

Mike Galloway is our mild mannered Financial Controller and has been with PLB since 2013. He is married with 4 children all of whom refuse to leave the house despite massive encouragement and cash incentives. He has a major weakness for anything chocolate and has been known to enjoy the celebratory Bacardi and Coke.

Sarah Miller

Project Manager

Sarah joined PLB in Jan 2022 in the Production Team - working across retail design and display projects that help improve the customer’s shopping experience. Outside of work, she enjoys lots of fun with family and friends and is a superstar tennis player - playing in the Aylesbury & District Tennis League!.

Nick Smith

Project Manager

Nick is a Project Manager who has worked within the retail display industry for over 10 years and has been with PLB since 2017. Outside of work Nick is a mountain biking, heavy metal listening, speargun fishing, superdad.

Jade Bowens

Operations Administrator

Jade joined the install team in March 2022. She has a property background and is very excited to learn and grow in the design industry. She loves going to the gym and doing boxing sessions. She finds it hard to turn down dinner and drinks with her friends. Always the life and soul of the party, you will be sure to see her with a Pornstar Martini in hand, whilst dancing on the table.

Melissa Thomas

Senior Account Manager

Mel has worked for PLB since 2013. She’s a real foody and at her happiest when dining out!

Emily Wan

3D Designer

Emily has been with PLB since 2015 and has been working in the 3D design industry for 8 years. She loves all kinds of food and enjoys cooking for her friends and family. She recently became a mother so her dinner parties now include toys and messy floors.

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