The task:

Launch the first Vodafone flagship store in Athens, Greece

Our journey:

We introduced Vodafone to the design sprint methodology and spent time together ideating on what true experiential retail should look like. We provided an end to end solution and managed the project from ‘design sprint led’ concept ideation, through the creative and technical development, to production and installation. This re-invented store environment is a stunning immersive integration of digital and physical worlds.

What we’re proud of:

Being solely responsible for the idea origination, development and launch of the new store. Managing multi-stakeholder relationships to turn a complex concept, into a tangible reality. Launching a new flagship store on time and to budget, despite the challenges COVID-19 brought to us. Vodafone truly embraced the concept of an experience store, and have shown great tenacity to push forward in the face of the current adversity.

Our agility, innovation and expertise has allowed us to take that ambition and bring it to life during very uncertain times – building on our ever evolving global success. Every element of the store has been future proofed and developed with the ambition to build on it going forward, both from an industry, technology and data perspective.

We have been mindful of the restrictions surrounding COVID and the changing of shopper behaviour we are likely to see. We worked collaboratively, we pushed boundaries, we made quick decisions and we delivered the first in a pioneering new retail environment, of which we are extremely proud.