Innovation. One of the most over-used and loosely defined, but inspirational words of our time.

Innovation means different things to different people, so defining this within your organisation, and your business partners, is pivotal to success.

We are continually asked to be innovative but it isn’t a switch you can turn on. There is only one way to enhance your rate of innovation, and that is by making it part of everything you do. Innovation is not a goal to set for the year or an initiative to invest in. It should be part of the fabric of your culture, of every employee’s job.
Give confidence and autonomy to all in the business to suggest better ways to do things. It isn’t always about the big idea, but the incremental changes that occur every day by everyone.

External innovation for us is about driving a differential for a brand, in order for them to positively connect with their consumers. We will always begin with solving a problem. We then ensure the proposed solution solves the problem through one (or both) of these criteria; simplification or surprise and delight. Trialling the idea on a small scale, taking learnings, adapting and then launching on a large scale.

We take calculated risks, celebrate productive mistakes but most importantly, create an environment through the core of our business to continually stimulate innovation. This allows us to be always on, ready and able to efficiently provide solutions for our clients.

Katie Baker
Strategy Director, The PLB Group